Sunday, June 26, 2011

Musket drill 1764

Musket drill in the mid-18th century was based around a series of commands. On the order "Poise your Firelocks", the soldier took his musket in his right hand, and turned the lock outwards, while keeping the musket upright. He then swung the musket off his shoulder and grasped it with his left hand just above the lock with the little finger resting upon the spring, and the thumb on the stock.

At the command to "Cock your Firelocks", he turned the barrel towards his face, placed his thumb upon the cock, with his elbow square in this position. He then cocked the action and positioned his thumb on the breech pin and fingers under the trigger guard.

On the command "Present", he moved his right foot about six inches to the rear. At the same time the musket butt was moved to shoulder height, with the left hand on the wooden stock, and the right-hand forefinger on the trigger or "Tricker". The muzzle was lowered a little to compensate for the recoil.

When the order to "Fire" was given, the soldier pulled the trigger. As soon as his musket had fired he moved into the priming position ready to reload.

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